The secret to avoiding relationship tension?

Oblivious and apathetic prevention.

Don't pull out your hair -

Better, simply don't care.....

And as a rule, also don't pay attention

The candidates stammer and shout

And the voters gripe and pout

What the politicians are doing

Is prepping us for a screwing.......

The Hokey Pokey's literally what it's all about!

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I can study and analyze,

Speculate and hypothesize,

But winners won't abound

Unless Lady Luck comes around......

And, believe me, that would be a surprise!

Aging & Parenting

We go into parenthood blind.

The job description's not clearly defined.

But there's no "maybe's,"

They'll always be our babies.....

Though at any age, they can drive us out of our minds

​​​​​Marriage and Relationships​

I took a look in the mirror at me,

And I'm not happy with what I see.

If my exes would assemble

They'd say I resemble.....

An idiot - and I'd have to agree

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                       The Most Famous Speech In The English Language

                           Reduced To A Limerick With A Texas Twist

                               So you were riding high in the saddle,

                               Now you're up a creek with no paddle.

                                     Tis Nobler In The Mind

                                     To get off your behind......

                            And make that Sea Of Troubles skedaddle!

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