Why Limericks?

Like the old Jewish man stereotype that I have become, I'll answer a question with a question, "Why does a dog lick it's private parts?" Answer - because he can. I write limericks because I can. Would I rather have the talent to write lyrics to songs that sell millions of copies? Of course, I would. But this is what I got.

I love limericks. Unlike other forms of poetry, limericks are almost exclusively a vehicle for a joke and a punch line. The first four lines set up the joke and ...line five delivers the punch line. Short and sweet. But there has to be rhyme and reason to make it work.

I do not write coffee house SLAM poetry bemoaning the problems and injustice of society. I do not consider that an artistic art form. I don’t Howl. My mini schnauzer howls.

The purpose of my poetry is to put a smile on peoples faces. I call my stuff SMILE poetry. It is all about the smiles.

There is no shortage of punchlines out there. They occur in every day conversations, television commercials, from the mouths of babes, and, mostly, from the mouths of our profoundly stupid and inappropriate friends and relatives. I try to capture a lot of those punchlines and run with them. 


I have a feeling there will be limericks in the air and that opportunity knocks for a limerick writer pundit - I'm on it!

              The Limerick Guy