I'm OK with a "girly card" play.

​I like a woman who wants things her way.

               But just to be fair -

               Buyer beware......

​I have a "stupid man" card tucked away!

I have been married three times. I think that I have been in love a few more times than that. I like women. I respect women. I believe they are equal to men in every way, except one; and that would be intelligence, in which they are vastly superior to men. If you don't believe me, ask any woman.

I hope it was not lost on anybody that I did not say that I know about women. I don't and I'd never be stupid enough to believe for one second that I could. I will say this - It sure makes life interesting when half of the people we interact with and have feelings for are a big part of The Mysteries Of Life

Part of the joy of marriage is the intellectual stimulation that goes with the discourse and open discussion of all things that are a part of lives joined together as friends & lovers (i.e. sex) and business partners (i.e. money) and the trust and full disclosure and teamwork that is required to make it work. Marriage is a dynamic experience. You never know what tomorrow may bring. I can’t tell you how many times a random act of affection such as bringing home flowers has been met with “OK, what did you do this time?” Hey, why did I have to do something wrong? Couldn’t I just be trying to get laid?

Marriage and relationships are all, at some point, governed by two parallel unwritten rules of polite society. Rule One is The Money Rule. It goes like this - the one that makes the money, makes the rules. Rule Two is The Vagina Rule ​(which was formerly named.) It goes like this - the one that has the vagina, makes the rules. Life can move forward when the rules run parallel. Life runs amuck when the rules cross each other. For me, the rules were as perfect as the Laws of Gravity and The Ten Commandments the one time in my life when the person who had and made the money also had the vagina. Even I couldn't screw that one up. I'm good at being told what to do, a very good relationship skill to master.

​There have to be billions and billions of words written about Love and Marriage and Relationships. Considering that there are so many intangibles involved and those intangibles are intertwined with some serious tangible considerations, my guess is that most of those words are speculative at best and the rest are just profound stupidity. Before I send you off into the limericks, consider this. These words made someone a lot of money - "Love means never having to say your sorry." The stupidest words about love ever written and they were worth millions, wow. We all know this - Love means you better know how to grovel, and, more importantly, don't do anything stupid that will require groveling in the first place.

Enjoy the limericks

The Limerick Guy

Marriage and Relationships

With regard to what I may or may not know about women.....I offer this poetic disertation